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finding more energy for the heifer

29 September
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to this day, i've never been able to swallow applesauce.
a million thong sandals, aissa the anal assassin, aissa-encouraged craziness, bandaids, being an evil psychodemon, being kitchen mom, bushwalla, cats, clamato, dandruff tacos, diphenhydramine hydrochloride, evicting the hamsters, hiding out, i want to believe, jason mraz, making pizza, matt nathanson, mrazberries, mrazturbation, mulder ♥ scully, my mraz mousepad, raz, red, rufus wainwright, scully ♥ mulder, sleep, smoking on the pisspipe, squat running, the frames, torturing aissa, ust, valley lemons, walter's alter, x-files