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07:01pm 03/10/2006
  it's a force ghost lori. all the powers of a regular ghost plus the force!? come on!  
matt goodness   
07:54pm 02/10/2006
  Oh princess open your eyes and close your mouth
else all that spite you swallow willingly , it just might fall out
and I've seen you smile wide, I've seen you at your best
and it left me feeling sick inside and unimpressed
06:13pm 21/08/2006
  dear nick,

sometimes when i'm talking and you're sitting right next to me and i'm totally talking to you and the more i talk the more you squint your eyes and make that damn face until finally you just say "stop talking!".....it makes me feel like pulling down your pants in public.

"what's a urinal?"

what are pinking shears!?!

11:57pm 21/06/2006
  Ed, the neighborhood cat who likes to sleep on our couch and eat our ham was asleep on the couch after eating some ham and nick was sitting on the floor infront of the couch examining him as he slept. he stared closely at the mostly black cat with the white belly and toes and after about 5 minutes of honest staring and consideration he proclaimed in a eureka moment "so he's pink...under all the fur!"

look at what my dad made!   
11:27pm 16/06/2006
  the whole thing is on top of an old 3/4 ton pick up chassis.

i like it. it's a friggen portable party!

he made it for some dude who bought all of the parts for him to make it. he charged $1500 for the labor.

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12:14am 04/12/2005
  what do i want for christmas?

i have no clue. just something stupid. or something pretty.

i cant believe he'll take his snake fishing but he wont go with me. day-um. i just said day-um.

actually i just thought of what i want for christmas.

i want him:

he has to be old and lazy and grunt when you hug him....and he should snore when he sleeps.

"lori where would we keep him!?" .....i can hear it now. i'll interrupt his game to tell him to go read my lj.
05:25pm 30/11/2005
  yay! i got a laptop. i'll definitely be online more now cause i live in a hotspot. i know, promises promises.

life is fun.

i dont know that megaman rocks...i've never heard of it. unless you mean the vitamins.

i'm gonna play sims now.

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10:59am 03/10/2005
  gramma passed on october 2, 2005 at 8:15 am. she was 5 days short of turning 95 but we've all agreed to give her the extra year. she's earned it.  
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06:54pm 26/09/2005
  i'm turning 24 in 3 days and i'm feeling a little sensitive about that.

i parked at my apartment at 4:20pm cause i have a night class from 4:30 to 7 on mondays. i parked in my slot at my apartment....the space marked #5. when i got out there was a boot on my car and a big yellow sticker because the apartment that i live in, that my grandmother owns requires all vehicles to have a little white sticker on the window. First of all, i wasn't parked in anyone's space....#5 is one of the only units not even OWNED by the people who put the boots on. So i called the guy...the one responsible, which is this really old man. and i yelled at this old man telling him that i live here, and that i'm lillian kerr's grandaughter and that she cant live here anymore because she's 95 and cant take care of herself so i live here and go to school across the street and he just kept saying how sorry he was and that he didn't know. so i yelled some more how i didn't appreciate the boot and big yellow sticker and he tried to justify it by saying that i should've known that i needed a sticker.

so i told him that i've been trying to get one for a long time from him, blah blah blah. anyway, they took the boot off...but now i've gotta find a scraper to remove the sticker.

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ugh! this is taking like 1000 hours   
07:38pm 26/07/2005
  ok so i've been waiting for ups since i got home from work, i know they didn't come while i was at work because i left a note that wasn't taken...AND i'm tracking this shit.

my nose is running but my clothes are clean!

ahhhh someone make the brown truck hurry the hell up!

"a watched pot never boils lori" -lori's mom.
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04:27pm 14/07/2005
  you'd think i'd handle disappointment better by now.  
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lunch break   
12:58pm 27/06/2005
mood: rushed
i'm at my apartment on my lunch break.

i dont come here often.

i found some rotten bananas on the table. they were yellow when i put them there.

i have to go back to work now, selling memory to the masses (or to the 20 people who placed orders over the weekend...not very massive.)
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yeah, i like potatos.   
10:38pm 05/06/2005
  my brother drank all of my water and left me beer.

i dont want beer, i want water!

on saturday we visited my dad. he looked really happy to see us.

it felt like the longest day in the world to have to get through though. rio grande city is the shittiest place to get stuck in for 4 hours with no plans...we spent what felt like 18 hours inside a radio shack.

now freddy's on his way to japan and i'm on my way to bed.
09:16am 27/05/2005
mood: tss
jerkthekickstand (10:08:10 PM): how is it that you're still at work. I know you're lying. I know Kula wouldn't keep you this late. OH GOD, NOW I REMEMBER WHERE I'VE SEEN THE NAME KULA! kula shaker, the british fag band that blows its load over eastern mysticism.

Auto response from catsanddandruff (10:08:10 PM): i'm at work

jerkthekickstand (10:08:24 PM): well, granted mysticism is spelled correctly.

here's to not stabbing anyone with a scalpel today.
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12:37pm 19/05/2005
  this is the second time i've completely smoked up my apartment...this time there was an actual fire.

i put it out with baking soda, and now my stove is a mess. i hate that stove. i think it's time for a new one. one that doesn't burst into flames when i try to make tater tots.
12:36pm 07/05/2005
mood: good
today i went with my mom to hobby lobby to buy an urn for gramma.

gramma is totally still alive though.

my mom is crazy.

then i went grocery shopping with her and she bought me all sorts of things because she cant say no when i drop things into the basket and give her that look....the "i'm not taking it out, so you might as well just give in and buy it for me" look. it was fun.

anyway, i'm done with everything i had to get done for today and it's only 12:38 pm....now i've got nothing to do so i guess i'll go line my cupboards and do the dishes.

it sure is lonely when you live alone...but i feel like such a grown up. and dont say anything about how you have to pay bills to be a grown up, i dont wanna hear that shit.
maslow's peak experience   
09:15pm 26/04/2005
  things are fantastic.

i got paid and i finally got some groceries and cleaning things to tackle the fridge from hell.

i'm happy and so are a lot of the really important people in my life....aside from some things aissa is upset about, but deep down she's also really happy from things that matter so much more than what she's upset about.

i also got pretzels...i dont necessarily like them, but i saw some girl eating them today and they seemed like the thing to get.

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02:32pm 11/04/2005
  got in a fight with mom.
dropped lasagna on the floor.
cried about it.
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11:13pm 29/03/2005

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03:22pm 20/03/2005
  these pills make me sad.

i'm blaming the pills for it at least.