gomez (muhloy) wrote,

maslow's peak experience

things are fantastic.

i got paid and i finally got some groceries and cleaning things to tackle the fridge from hell.

i'm happy and so are a lot of the really important people in my life....aside from some things aissa is upset about, but deep down she's also really happy from things that matter so much more than what she's upset about.

i also got pretzels...i dont necessarily like them, but i saw some girl eating them today and they seemed like the thing to get.

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So uhm? Where are you working?? See how we don't keep in touch?? I didn't even know you had a job...nice. Also, i heard you were moving into your grandma's apt. what's up with that?? Oh and what's up with the boy toy? Keep me posted!
Dood, the duck is dead, I know you're behind me perhaps reading this, but whatevr.

I crushed pretzels to feed the chicken who is fucking crazy. Like a parachute race car.

I am happy. Like happy family & happy puppy like dummy says.

Faggot & Bitch don't mean shit.

the quilt is so urbn.com dood.

don't forget you're coming to the party on saturday.